Morning anxiety and shame hangovers are tough ways to start your day. Shift that energy before your feet hit the floor with this Meaningful Morning practice.

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Helping strong women embrace vulnerability so they can live an authentic connected life.

What if you weren’t afraid to be the real you?

Imagine that I were to give you a magic pill right now so you instantly lose all your “too” messaging, you know, too fat, too dumb, too loud, too boring…all the bad wrong things.

Then, I hand over a certified guarantee that you are completely loved and accepted. Right now.

How would that feel? I mean, really let that soak in.

That’s what I’m all about it. No, I don’t have a magic pill or certified guarantee. What I do have for you, my sweet friend, are all kinds of goodies to help you learn to feel that way without them.

I’m guessing you found me for one of two reasons.
1. You are outwardly successful but inwardly feel like a failure.
2. You have loads of success but you just can’t make it happen in that one area and you don’t know why.

It isn’t because you aren’t trying. Nobody tries harder than you. You’re strong! You’ve got your shit together!

But maybe you’re hiding a little, like I did. For decades. Too afraid to show the world the real me. I knew I didn’t actually have my shit together. I didn’t want to be strong all the time. Sound familiar?

Hiding is so lonely. Especially when nobody comes looking for you because you haven’t created authentic loving connections.

And you know what’s worse than feeling completely alone? Feeling completely alone…AND stuck with the one person you CANNOT stand. You. Dark stuff, right?

That’s no way to live. In fact, I think it’s the number one human epidemic. Lack of self-love.

This website, my courses, the Gilded Hearts, really everything you’ll find here is about loving yourself, no matter what. I want YOU to experience that unwavering belief that you are absolute perfection just as you are.

Find a place to jump in and join us. I’m glad you’re here, love!

Legendary Leader Boot Camp

Legendary leaders develop teams who are eagerly following their lead. These teams are full of inspired self-reliant people who are taking initiative, adding value to the team, and creating time for the leaders to focus on what they do best. This course includes both the tools and the mindsets needed for creating these types of teams and the atmosphere that supports them.


Essential Mindsets for Entrepreneurs

Building a successful business takes much more than just your vision, ambition, and the business skills you learn along the way. It requires the type of mindset that keeps you moving forward in the midst of mistakes, unknowns, and your own internal limitations. This course is about how to get unstuck, make smart decisions the first time, and keep motivating yourself toward business success.



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