If you had to describe me in three words, it used to look something like this...

Control Freak

And I would have said, “Yep, that’s me.” Those are leadership qualities, right? I have high standards. I’m results-driven. I like to be in charge. Those are the reasons I AM a SUCCESS.

Then one summer I suddenly felt sad. And very very lonely.

Which led to a realization. I was using success and recognition as a substitute for love. What I really wanted underneath that desperate pursuit of acknowledgement and praise was to feel loved.

Deep down, I didn’t even love myself. I didn’t think I deserved love. How was I ever going to let myself be loved if I didn’t feel worthy of it?

As painful as that moment was, it was a revelation. I knew through and through that I was willing to do ANYTHING to live a deeply connected life, in love with the real authentic me.

So I pressed pause on my business and all non-necessities in my life so the universe could guide me through whatever that journey needed to be.

The first stop on that journey was the last place I wanted to go: the past. Ugh. Strivers don’t do past. Seriously, ANYTHING but digging up old memories. It seemed so opposite of what I believed. It’s over! Move on! Always forward!

But putting your past behind you doesn’t always mean you’re leaving it behind. I sure hadn’t. In fact, the keys to unlocking my heart turned out to be in my past.

I used to think of my heartbreaks as cracks I needed to fill with cement to fortify the wall. But what if they were actually the openings that allowed the light in so that I could love more?

The experience completely changed me. Not that I don’t still love results or want to lead. I no longer need them to prove I’m worthy. HUGE difference.

My business also radically changed. Along my journey, I created and collected tools. These are the same tools I share with my clients so THEY can step into an authentic and connected life. That’s what I want for you, my friend. You deserve a life where you truly love yourself, so you can fully love others and receive all the love trying to get to you.

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