About Stacy

I’ve helped hundreds of women heal from relationship trauma, and some of those traumas happened in perfectly good marriages left on autopilot for too long. They happened after a build up of unresolved conflict, unhealed hurt feelings, and emotional disconnection. Often, they were completely preventable.

I know how lonely it can feel during those seasons of career-building and raising kids. I’ve been married for almost 30 years and have three active boys. It can feel like a busy blur and it’s too easy to back-burner your marriage for a little while, especially when you have a rock solid foundation. It’s a dangerous thing to do though. Disconnection and conflict will snowball.

We’ve all heard that divorce rates are high but I run into just as many “good enough” marriages where the satisfaction and connection are low but the relationship isn’t exactly unhealthy or dysfunctional. Just meh.

No thanks.

I want to be an affectionate and engaged couple.
I want intimacy. I want harmony. I want fun.
I want my kids to see a relationship they hope to have themselves.

This is my work now. Helping people create exceptional relationships. Some day careers will die down and kids will all be gone. On that day, I hope you’re huddled close with your empty-bestie planning out your next adventures.

Remarkable Relationships

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