About Stacy

I’ve helped hundreds of women heal from relationship trauma. Some of those traumas happened in perfectly good marriages left on autopilot for too long. They happened after a build-up of unresolved conflict, unhealed hurt feelings, and emotional disconnection. Often, they were completely preventable.

I know how lonely it can feel during seasons of career-building and raising kids. I’ve been married for almost 30 years and have three active boys. When life becomes a busy blur it’s too easy to back-burner your marriage for a little while, especially when you have a rock-solid foundation. That’s a dangerous thing to do. Disconnection and conflict will snowball.

We’ve all heard about high divorce rates and know couples who have split, but I run into more people with “good enough” marriages. Satisfaction and connection are low but the relationship isn’t exactly unhealthy or dysfunctional. Just…meh.

No thanks.

I want to be an affectionate and engaged couple.
I want intimacy. I want harmony. I want fun.
I want my kids to see a relationship they hope to have themselves.

This is my work: helping people create exceptional relationships. Someday, careers will wind down and the kids will be gone. When that day comes, will it find you cuddled with your empty-bestie, excited for your new adventures?

Remarkable Relationships

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