Hey it’s Stacy Rocklein and today I want to share this cup with you.  Look at it in the light!

This is a beautiful cup.  This is my water cup.  If I am home, this cup is within an arm’s length of me filled with water.  Everything about this cup is total joy and wonderful energy.  It feels good to hold it.  It’s full of water.  It’s beautiful.  It was given to me by dear dear friends many years ago and I have been using it every day since then.

What I want to have you think about today is how easy it is to just create joy everywhere.  And it only takes a minute.  Here’s another example.  If I’m going to write, I’m always going to take extra time to find a pen I like to write with or I’m going to go sharpen my pencil so it’s super sharp.  Those things make me happy.  They make that moment happier.

When you can start to employ all of your senses and infuse your world with joy, then you can really create some amazing energy.

Take the time.  Take the time to find your purple cup.  Don’t drink water out of some stupid cup out of the cupboard you don’t enjoy drinking out of.  Find your purple cup.

Things that you can touch.  Make sure there are beautiful things you can look at in your house.  Create delicious wonderful aromas to smell.  The more senses that you can engage to create joy the more you can shift your whole energy.

I need joy right now.  I’m listening to doors slam.  Kids are screaming at each other.  And I have this cup to make me happy.

Take the couple of minutes to turn on a piece of music when you are about to do something you don’t feel like doing.  Or create that aroma.  Its worth it.  Changing those little things so that you’ve got more joy at every little corner is a way for you to stay in joyful happy energy, so I encourage you to do that.

And have a fantastic day!