When was the last time you did something that filled you with joy?

Something you love so much that you feel delight just thinking about it.  Time flies.  You feel present, engaged.  Afterward, you are light as air.  You are FILLED with happiness.

Last week, I went to an outdoor concert.  Gorgeous weather, soul-filling music, the company of dear friends…my happy cup was so full afterwards that it spilled over into my next day, and I woke up with an extraordinary feeling of joy.

As I so often do after an experience like that, I wondered, “Why don’t I do that more often?”

Of course, it isn’t always realistic to fill our happy cups by going to more concerts, taking more vacations, scheduling more spa days, shopping trips, or parties.

But there are smaller ways to fill our happy cups every single day with things we love to do.

We can start by making our Happy List.  What do YOU love to do?

It sounds easy enough, but you have to REALLY LOVE the things on this list.  In order to qualify for the list, it has to bring you joy before, during, AND after you do it.

So, what doesn’t qualify?

  • Anything from your “should” list…

I should exercise.  I always feel great afterwards.

I should clean out my office.  It would feel so good to get that done.

I should play Chutes and Ladders with the kids.  They would love that.  

(You guessed it.  I hate Chutes and Ladders).

  • Anything that will have the reverse effect or no effect at all.  These are things that momentarily make you happy, but don’t feed your soul.  Pints of ice cream, trashy reality shows, online shopping etc… At best, the happy feeling dissipates as quickly as it came.  At worst, you feel miserable and guilty afterwards.  In fact, guilt is a good indicator that what you were experiencing was pleasure, not happiness.  Guilt has no business in the realm of happy.

Have FUN with your Happy List!  Just MAKING the list will likely bring you joy.

You might find that there are things on your Happy List that you are already doing, but because they have become such a part of your daily life, you are no longer noticing them…

  • your afternoon tea
  • a few chapters from a novel
  • listening to music you love
  • hilarious text exchanges
  • Chutes and Ladders…

If that is the case, just start by looking around and noticing these activities.  See them again.  Let your gratitude for them fill your happy cup.

I invite you to…

  • Make your Happy List.  Write it down, and put it somewhere you can see it.
  • Do something from your Happy List each day.

Let’s set the intention to keep those happy cups spilling over into everything we do!