How do you motivate yourself when you really really really really don’t want to do something?

I’ve been putting off doing my taxes for some time now. I normally do them during the Super Bowl (I know, I know, it sounds un-American. But come on, what could be more American than making sure Uncle Sam doesn’t have more than his share?). Anyway, that means it’s been over a month that I’ve procrastinated.

I tried several tactics to get myself moving.

I tried cheering myself on. But Stacy, it will feel so good to check it off the list! The sooner you finish the sooner you’ll get your refund! It will be over before you know it!


I’m always urging people to think outside the box. Maybe that will work.

I could hire someone else to do it! But I’d spend as much time preparing for that and sitting in appointments as I would just doing it.

My husband, Noel, can do it! But he’s never done it, so walking him through it might take even longer than doing it.

The coach in me kept looking for obstacles…what are you resisting, Stacy?

Facing the disorganization of your documents?

Immersing yourself in the world of money?

Researching how to handle tricky tax situations?

I didn’t feel very stuck to any of it, so it didn’t appear to be a mental or emotional block.

It seemed this was one of those good old I-just-don’t-want-to-do-it tasks that just plain needed to be done.

So lacking any motivation whatsoever, it was time to employ an old trick to get me moving.

I woke up Sunday morning, and I put on my shoes.

I didn’t have to. It was Sunday. IF I actually did my taxes, I was going to be sitting in front of my computer for several hours. Why not be comfortable? But here’s the thing. When you put your shoes on, you mean business. You are going places. You are getting stuff DONE!

Shoes don’t make us feel like wrapping ourselves up in a blanket and watching Netflix. Shoes don’t make us want to curl up on the couch by the fire with a good book. Shoes mean we’re moving. In fact, we are moving so fast and confidently that we have to actually protect our feet.

If you’re highly motivated and tackling things from home like a boss, go ahead and stay in your cozies and socks. But if you are struggling to get yourself on-task at home, it might be time to trade in your leopard Snuggie and bunny slippers for some lace-ups.

So, I put on my shoes and tackled my taxes. Sometimes you just need a little mindset shift to get yourself moving. It’s not always some big dramatic thing in our way. Sometimes it’s just laziness or inertia. If that’s all you’re dealing with, put on your shoes.

If lacing up those shoes doesn’t do the trick, you might be dealing with something a little stickier. When we have a major mental or emotional block in the way, that little pair of Nikes is no match. Time to bring in some support.

Contact me today for a free session and let’s get you moving!