My 2018 word is TRUST.  It’s the word I am using this year to guide and inform my actions.  I chose it because I am always striving to open myself to more love.  When we trust, we are able to open ourselves.  When we open ourselves, we create a channel for love to flow in and out.


The thing is that trust is a multi-faceted and pretty complex concept.  Because of that, I’ve chosen to start by focusing on a couple of specific areas.


Trusting myself

I want to trust myself a little more AND a little less.  Here’s what I mean.  When I am new to something or unsure about something, I tend to look outside myself for answers.  I am quick to choose the first “expert” who crosses my path and follow them.  That works when I am tuned into my intuition and the avenue I’ve chosen is a truly inspired one (the love-based path).  But it doesn’t work when I let the unknown cause me to feel urgency and lead me down a road I realize later was not a good fit (fear-based path).


The trust piece for me is to stay in the unknown for as long as it takes to gain access to my intuition.


Trusting others

I tend to trust others quickly and easily.  But not all partnerships, projects, and paths are the best thing for me.  Sometimes I go all in too fast and get burned later.  Again, it is about staying in the unknown until I feel inspired by a particular course of action (the love-based path).  I like that I always lead with trust.  I want to keep that.  What I hope to strengthen is my ability to discern what is best for me before I choose.


I also want to get a little bit better at course corrections. When I look back at the experiences I have had, I can see that I get plenty of indicators that what I’ve trusted doesn’t ultimately align with my best interests.  It has taken me a little too long to accept that I need to stop and find a better fit.  I’d like to trust those indicators, my intuition, and get there faster.


Trusting the universe

I like to pretend I’m in charge.  Plus, I’m a problem-solver and I love to work things out.  Those can be strengths, for sure.  However, they can also get in the way of a lot of wonderful options when I’m too busy strong-arming the “how”.  I’m a go-go now-now kind of girl.  My impatience has landed me in less than desirable situations when I have shoved an agenda forward in the interest of efficiency.


Sure, sometimes it works out great, but… Sometimes I find myself struggling and pushing and trying too hard because I am working against the universe and against the flow.  I want to strengthen my ability to trust the “how” of the universe.  No matter how long that takes.  Which also means I may sometimes have to give up “my” timeline for achieving goals.  Not always an easy task for a girl like me.


But I’m ready for the challenge.  I’m ready to trust.


We’ve all got trust issues.  That’s pretty normal.  And those issues come in all shapes and sizes.  But TRUST can be the key to unlocking the flow of love, so working with it is well worth our time and energy.