It’s NOvember!
Someone once introduced me to the concept of saying NO for this entire month as a way of resetting priorities. 

I don’t normally recommend coming at things sideways but instead of having to say something you’re not ready to say or have to make up an excuse, you can just let people know that you’ve committed to saying NO this month. End of discussion. 

The delicious question is…

What will you say NO to? 

Pick something that will make you feel happier, healthier, and more expansive. Something that will help you grow into a better version of yourself by the end of the month.

Here are a dozen ideas.
NO to your family.
Use this opportunity to flush out some of the ways your family members might be taking advantage of your kindness. 

NO to spending.
Where might you be able to pull in the reins on some purchases and save yourself some (or even lots of) money?

NO to volunteering.
This one is for those of you who hear the “yes” come out of your mouth before you have a chance to determine whether you have time or energy to spare.

NO to Netflix.
Or anything else you might be using excessively as a way to distract or numb when you’ve got dreams and goals just waiting on the sidelines for your attention.

NO to complaining.
If you get caught in this trap, it will absolutely shock you how quickly your energy shifts in the most pleasant ways when you stop this one habitual behavior.

NO to new projects.
When you are just plain overwhelmed, it might be a good time to finish stuff you started and shelve anything new that tries to sneak its way on your plate.

NO to invitations.
Life is just too short to be hanging out with people who drag you down. Use NOvember as an excuse to take a break from those friendships and relationships so you can enjoy your own company for a while. Note to singles: If dating is feeling like a chore right now, this might be a good month for a break.

NO to scrolling.
If you are a chronic scroller, I bet you will be floored by how much time you save if you say NO to this for just 30 days.

NO to doing things people haven’t asked for.
Yes, it happens. You like to help people out but sometimes it gets the best of you and you end up spending way too much time and energy doing things other people don’t even want or need. Unless someone asks, mental NO. 

NO to a bad habit.
I bet it came to mind immediately. That’s the one. Say NO just for a month and see if you even still want to do it in December.

NO to lethargy.
Use Mel Robbins’ 5-4-3-2-1 tactic. You have an urge or desire to DO something. Before your brain starts to talk you out of it, count backwards from 5 and do it before you get to 1.

NO to “I can’t.”
These are dangerous words. If you allow them to slip out of your mouth or bounce around your mind, they will come true. But the real truth is that you probably can, so give that phrase a big fat NO this month.

I’m excited about this! I know how much can change in just thirty days when we say NO to something and in doing that, say YES to ourselves. And if someone gives you trouble, just tell them it’s NOvember. Or blame me… tell them Stacy made you do it.


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