Deep within you, you are called to do something.  You may or may not know what that is yet.  That’s okay.  You might know exactly what it is or have some vague idea of what it is.
Let’s just say that is where you are headed.
The universe (God, source, however you refer to that universal energy) wants to help you along the way, wants to show you the path, actually knows the path.  But the only way you can start to see it is if you access your intuition and start to listen.
Because we are human, sometimes we just get one hint at a time.    
Here’s the next destination.  Go there.  
And then all of a sudden, the next one is shown to you.  They are like little stepping stones on this path.  When we see them that means we are accessing our intuition.  When we think, “that is something I should do” we have to say yes.  You’ve got to say yes because when you say yes, you get shown more and more and more.
It’s so important that when you feel compelled to take an action, to go to an event, to read a book, to call somebody up, you take that action.  Especially if you feel it in your gut like your intuition is telling you to do it.
It may be the next stone on that path.  
You have to keep saying yes even if you don’t know where that destination is.  You haven’t figured out what it is, yet you still feel called to say yes to certain actions.
Trust it.  Just trust it and do it.  Ultimately, you’re going to figure out why you ended up where you ended up.
But say yes.  Say yes!
You never know when saying yes to this lunch with somebody is going to open up this resource or this idea which is going to lead you into this new opportunity or experience.  We don’t know.
We don’t get the whole map.  But as long as we say yes, we can trust that we’re going to get where we are supposed to go.