Today I want to talk about trusting yourself.  This is something that I’m always working, and right now in my life is a major period of work in this area.

This is where I get stuck.

I was challenged by my business coach to do twenty-four videos, three a week for eight weeks.  I definitely had learning to do in that area.  I knew that, so I accepted the challenge.  And I’ve been putting out a lot of videos.  I’ve learned a lot and have become much more efficient in my process of taking a video from inspiration to a campaign I send out to my email group.  That’s been fantastic, and this is video eighteen.

But in the last week or so, I have noticed that its been harder.  It felt more challenging.  It felt like work.  I’m not learning anymore.  It’s just not flowing.

The problem is that Stacy wants an A.  I was always that kid.  I want to finish the job.  I want to do the task.  If I set a goal, I want to get to that goal.  However when I start to feel that it is hard and I’m working harder than I should be at it, it’s a pretty good indicator for me that I’m not following inspiration and my intuition anymore.  I’m trying to power through, but there’s something going on.

This is where I’m learning to trust myself.  Knowing when I need to work at something because I’m learning.  It’s hard but in a way that is going to benefit me.  And also knowing when to say, “That’s not the right avenue anymore.  You don’t have to finish the challenge.  You do not have to check that off, if it’s not the right thing anymore.”

But that’s hard, because Stacy wants an A.  Learning to do that has challenged me.

At some point this weekend, I decided that I would be done with the challenge.  I would still do videos.  And I’m so grateful for having had the experience.  But now I’ll do them in a spontaneous way and in a way that fits and feels better for me.

And as soon as I decided that, a door opened.  All these ideas and all of this creativity that was kind of waiting came rushing in to other areas that I’ve neglected because I’d been doing this challenge.  Suddenly everything was flowing again.

For me, that was a great reminder to trust myself and to know when I’m just pushing forward for the A, for the checkbox, for crossing it off the todo list.  That’s when I need to listen to my intuition.  Because if I don’t, I don’t get to stay in the flow and I don’t get to remain creative and inspired.

That’s just one of the ways it plays out for me.  I’m working on it all the time.  Knowing when to seek help and resources because I want to learn and also knowing when to trust myself and follow my own intuition.

Just sharing that struggle with you today.  Have a great one!