After the election, I experienced so many emotions…





And sadness, a deep heavy sadness like a weight had been placed on my heart.

I know that many of you are feeling similar things.

We can’t control these emotions as they arise.  And we don’t need to.  They are a part of this experience we call life.  It’s what we do with them when they do arise that matters.

We have to be especially careful when they are triggered by fear.  In the simple but profound words of Yoda,

“Fear is the path to the dark side.  Fear leads to anger.  Anger leads to hate.  Hate leads to suffering.”

It is so easy to give into fear and so tempting to choose the path of anger, of resistance, of conflict.

But that path leads to hate.  It’s like scratching a mosquito bite.  The more we just give in and scratch, the worse the itch becomes and the longer it lasts.  And then we are suffering.

It doesn’t matter if the source of our anger is a deep desire to see a world of acceptance and love.  Adding our rage (softening it with words like “enraged” and “outraged” doesn’t make it any less rage-y) to a world already teeming with it is like scratching that inflamed itch.

The only way to bring balance to the force is to take the path of love.  Every one of us that chooses that path adds that much more potential for peace to our world.

Here is a simple practice…

  1. Allow your emotions to arise.  What is it?  What are you feeling?  Name it.
  2. Release that energy.  If you are sad, cry.  If you are angry, yell.  Just not at someone 🙂
  3. Choose the path of love at whatever level you can.

Level 1: Find love in your heart for something and focus on it (a person you love, a place you love, a song you love, etc…).  Let that feeling fill you.

Level 2: Find love in your heart for someone who has a different viewpoint than you.  Use the “just like me” perspective.  Just like me, that person has a fear of being rejected, invisible, or helpless.  Just like me, that person wants to be loved, heard, and accepted.

I know that every one of us who was profoundly hurt by this election has an amazing capacity for compassion, empathy, and love.  I urge you to hold onto that truth and to allow that love to guide you going forward.