I’m going to share with you the one question that every victim is asking themselves, that every one of us asks ourselves when we’re feeling in a victim-like place, and how to keep asking the same question but shift your energy around it so that you can become a victor instead of a victim.

I want to share with you an idea that I just came across in this amazing book I’m listening to called On Fire by John O’Leary. It’s the story of a boy who, just being a boy, burns his entire body, has a very low chance of survival, burns his family’s house down, and all of the lessons and blessings that came out of that experience. It’s a powerful and amazing book. I recommend it.

He talks about this really cool idea. This is the question. The question that everybody is asking themselves when they are having a victim moment or are just kind of a victim in general. Some people are walking around with a victim mentality and they’re asking themselves this question. Whether they are saying it aloud or even acknowledging it, it is what is running through their mind.

And that is, “Why me?”

Why me? What is wrong with me that this is the experience that I have to have? Why do I deserve this circumstance, this relationship, this terrible thing that is happening? It’s always there. Why me? And as long as you are focused on how terrible something is, you are going to continue to bring that into your life. Holding yourself in that victim energy is just going to bring more circumstances that make you feel like a victim.

But if you ask that same question with a different energy and look for different kinds of answers, you can actually shift yourself from victim to VICTOR. It’s still, “Why me?” But now it’s … Why me? How did I get to be so lucky to get to have this experience in life? Why me? Why was I chosen for this? What is unique, special, and important about me that I’m supposed to have this experience? What am I supposed to learn from it? How am I supposed to grow? Why me for this?

You can feel how the energy shifts. When you start to look at all the things that come at you as gifts, as experiences you were supposed to have where you can grow and become a better version of yourself, you are going to start to attract more gifts and more blessings and more opportunities to be that even greater version of yourself.

If you are seeing it from a victim stance…Why me? Why am I not getting the love from the universe? Why am I not feeling love in my relationships? Why me?…then what you are going to get back is more of the same. Lack. Scarcity. No love.

But when you’re saying, “How did I get so lucky to have this experience? Why me? Why was I chosen? What was I supposed to learn here?” You are setting yourself up to receive the love that is supposed to be coming at you, the love that is trying so hard to get to you.

Just by shifting your energy behind that question (that you are already asking yourself if you are in a victim moment).

Next time you hear that bouncing around your head, stop, and start looking for some different answers. Start looking for the blessing. Why is it wonderful? Even if it’s hard, why is it wonderful? What can you learn from it?

Thank you for joining me.