It’s completely normal to feel scarcity.
Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s physical fitness. Maybe it’s a relationship. We want more of it and when we look around, we don’t have it.

The problem is that we are seeing an illusion. What we see when we look around is the reality. What we don’t see is the story we are telling ourselves about what we should see. You wouldn’t even know you were poor, fat, or alone if you weren’t remembering something you used to have or imagining what you’ve seen other people have.

Focus on what you do have and you will feel abundant.
Focus on what you don’t have and you will feel lacking.

Now some things we can’t control.
When you lose something that meant a lot to you, it will hurt. It is normal to grieve. That is loss, and feeling those feelings is super important. But when the grieving period naturally ends (and it will) and we continue to focus on that loss, then it turns into scarcity.

Other things we can control.
We have to recognize that and accept it. Sitting around feeling like our lives are lacking something that we can go out and get seems a little silly, doesn’t it?

Then again, we have to ask ourselves if we really want it. Like, how bad? Are we willing to do what it takes to get it (and keep it)?

Being rich and successful requires investment and work.
Being in excellent physical shape requires sacrifice and work.
Being in a relationship requires compromise and work.

There is always work.
And we are not always willing to do it, if we are honest with ourselves. Which is no big deal IF we are content. The question is…

If nothing ever changes, can I be happy with myself and my life as it is right now? Can I feel abundance?

I’m a striver by nature but when I put the brakes on to ask myself that question, the answer is always, “Absolutely!” The problem is that I hardly ever stop and ask that question. My brain gets caught up in where I’m headed and therefore, wants to judge where I’m at as not good enough. Lacking.

For me, that may be the hardest balancing act of all. To be simultaneously happy, content, and grateful for myself and my life right now and also be moving forward, changing, and growing.

Sometimes I like to get a little dramatic with it and pretend for a minute that this is the last week of my life (it could happen, you know). Would I really waste time fretting about missed workouts and self-imposed deadlines? Nope. So why worry about those now?

If nothing ever changes, can you be happy with yourself and your life as it is right now?

I hope your answer is yes, too.

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